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100% natural Narsharab made from individually selected pomegranates. Friendly to teeth and gingival. Product was produced in the company documented according to GLOBAL GAP and TS-EN ISO 9001, No: KY-6370/11-R standarts.
Energy value: 270 ccal.
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool place (0°-25°C), the relative humidity must not exceed 75%.
NOTE: Protect from the sun ray. Avoid of buying swollen covers
NET WT: 250 ml.

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Pomegranate Juice

100% natural pomegranate juice without sugar additive. Products It is rich in A, C and E vitamins. It eliminates blood insufficiency. Improves digestive system. Product is produced in the company documented according to GLOBAL GAP and TS-EN ISO 9001, No: KY-6370/11-R standards.
Energy Value: 40 ccal.
Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool place (0°-25°C), the relative air temperature will not exceed 75%.
NOTE: Protect from sun light. Shake before opening. Keep in fridge after opening it.
NET WT: 1L, 200ML

Why Saville

Our slogan of use for explaining of Savile mark, fully describes us the health source... Our products are not added vitamin aroma afterwards by adding concentrate water and present them for your use by using hundred percent of pomegranate without any additive substance. All their phases are produced in strict accordance with the natutral hygienic conditions and are therefore, without any sugar, additives and quite natural.


Our Story

Saville Narsharab (pomegranate sauce) started its production in 2011 and pomegranate juice in 2013. Daily production capacity: production of 150 tons of pomegranate juice is conducted in SAVILLE factories. Production equipment is provided from the European countries according to the most recent technology.

Pomegranate orchards

Saville narsharab and pomegranate juice products are produced in Bilasuvar Canning Factory. The company owns 310 hectares of pomegranate orchards, which corresponds to the latest technology standards and produces high-quality products.

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Effective against diabetes

Alternate Text Good for teeth and gums. Prevents bleeding in the mouth cavity

Alternate Text Helps to prevent hair loss

Alternate Text Beneficial for those who is suffering from high blood pressure

Alternate Text Good for the heart

Alternate Text Energizes the body and eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome

Alternate Text Cleans the toxins from the body

Alternate Text Strengthens immune system

Alternate Text Regulates the amount of cholesterol and glucose in the blood

Alternate Text Effective against intestinal worms and provides body with regenerative bacterias

Alternate Text Helps to prevnt diarrhea

Alternate Text Beneficial for the skin


Saville exports its products to many foreign countries, this fact contributed to the development of the country’s economy in export of pomegranate juice. Saville exports its products to more than 40 countries, like Kazakhstan, China, USA, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Russia and Germany and tries to increase brand awareness on a global market.


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