About Us

Our Story

Saville pomegranate juices are produced by "Azersun Kənd Təsərrüfatı Məhsulları" LLC which is located in Bilasuvar district and equipped with modern equipment in accordance with the world quality standards since 2012. The production process is carried out in accordance with hygienic conditions, the packaging is sterilized under special conditions and the products are pasteurized. The presence of pomegranate orchards, located on 310 hectares near the factory, is considered one of the fundamental foundations of the freshness and quality of our products. Saville pomegranate juices are NFC cold-pressed juices that have already earned the trust of consumers in more than 40 countries. 

Our Mission

The basic philosophy of our work is quality. Our goal is to give our consumers health and benefit. Our aim is to satisfy demand and offer the best possible quality and meet the requirements of modern life with our 100% natural, free from additives and preservatives products.We care about our consumers in every range of products we make, working with love, we see the same conviction, faith and trust in our customers. Inspired by this love, we confidently march towards even greater success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global brand by producing a natural product that meets the highest quality standards and to present an Azerbaijani product to the whole world as a “Made in Azerbaijan” product. We work for this with pride and love!

Why Us?

Saville pomegranate juices collected and produced from selected pomegranates of Azerbaijani orchards are 100% natural and free from GMO, added sugar, artificial flavorings and preservatives.

  • Cold pressed
    • Saville pomegranate juices are produced by cold-pressing method in which fruits are not exposed to any heat during the process. Cold pressed method allows to extract 100% of all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in pomegranate.
  • Free from concentrate
    • Saville pomegranate juice, which is made by pressing pomegranate seeds harvested directly from our own orchads, does not even contain added water.
  • No added sugar
    • Saville pomegranate juices contain no added sugar, just the natural taste and sweetness of the pomegranate.
  • No additives
    • Saville products contain no artificial colors, flavorings and any preservatives.
  • GMO-free
    • Saville products are prepared using GMO-filtered pomegranates, harvested from our own orchads, grown in a completely natural way.
  • Glass Packaging
    • Saville pomegranate juices are only available in glass packaging. Glass packages are considered healthier and safer because of not containing chemicals and sterilized under special conditions. In addition, glass packaging does not let the sunlight in, which allows you to preserve the taste and flavor of the drink as much as possible